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I like the apartment, and I like how it's my own space... But I feel so alone there. My room mate is almost never there... Menma probably feels that loneliness 10 times over because I seem to always be working... Ugh.. I need a friend.. Or.. Something.. I dunno.. :(
So, it's been awhile! :) Well, less than a week for me without internet, but what the hey. Then again, I'm still without internet - I'm babysitting currently, so I'm using their interwebs. Hahah Aspen's mom (for whatever reason, I'm a paranoid freak, true) has decided that she is going to buy us internet. Why - I don't know. When - again, I don't know. But we'll have it sooner or later. I hadn't planned on getting it period, so it's a nice.. surprise... If I wasn't so damn paranoid she's going to expect something from us... haha...

We moved out last Saturday. Ran into a few problems on the way - like the fact that it was raining. Haha Many boxes were wet, but nothing was damaged. Aspen's bed was soaked. She put it up on her bed boards to dry it off over night. It's good as new now! Menma is still kind of stressed, though not as bad as the first few nights. I think he's slowly, but surely - kind of - easing into the new and incredibly intimidating environment. haha And this morning, Aspen texted me while I was at work to let me know that 1) Menma had spit up bile and 2) our water stopped, that it was turned off. I'm not quite sure what may be going on with Menma - whether it be the stress or the fact that he's been eating cardboard - but we managed to figure out what happened with the water. The company we've decided to go with lost our paperwork and decided that, by punishment, they would turn our water off till we figured out where we placed our papers and re-faxed it to them. Lame, right? haha Geez. I hate people sometimes..

Lie. That was a lie - I hate people a lot of the time. lol

Lately, I've been driving more than I've been able to spend time with Menma. It... makes me a little depressed, to be honest. I feel so bad for leaving him all alone for so long. I make sure to keep the fan, AC, and radio on for him that way he has noise.... But he's used to a large home with other animal to keep him entertained and at least 1 - 2 people in the house at all times. I want to get him a playmate, but... I just moved. I can't afford to get another cat, not anytime soon. Maybe in 2 months? But, I mean, by then he'll be used to being alone and having the apartment to himself. I don't know what the right thing is to do. Any advice on this particular subject???

Been working 40+ hours past couple of weeks as well as babysitting. I'm exhausted. Add moving and going back and forth between my store, Braker and Mesa stores.......... I could really do with a break. But right now, there's no time to have any breaks. Gotta get that money, eh? hah,,,

ANYwho, how're my peeps? :) Those that care, anyways. xD
I move in less than two weeks, guys.. ;w;

I have worms carving homes in my stomach due to stress and anxiety. Ugh I was told that no, it's buuutterflies living in my stomach and I said NO. IT IS WORMS IN MY STOMACH, FOOL. I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

In the meantime, has anyone read any good, recent NaruSasuNaru fanfics? ;w; I need new reading material..
I'm moving out a lot sooner than my roommate and I planned... Her grandparents are kicking her out.

I'm kind of scared, kind of caught unprepared. I thought I still had two months to go.

But I think we can do this. Hahah I'd rather be completely prepared to throw myself out there, but the longer I wait, the more I will want to push the date back. So might as well do it now.

..I hope we can do this..
Is it strange to feel happy to finally feeling like you're wanted by someone? Haha True, there are some complications... But this friend I recently made likes me... And she's actually making it her business to flirt, to tell me she likes me and that I'm cute, and to make sure I'm comfortable with any and every advance she makes towards me.. ;w;

To be honest, I don't really have a preference between guys or girls. I've only had one "serious" relationship so far and he was definitely not for me. I'm not saying he has totally ruled out any other potential guys, but.. This friend of mine has made me feel special. She's helping me learn how to draw ((I suck - maybe I'll upload some of my crappy pics later? I'm still just doodling at the moment.. But I'll get better!! Promise!)) and I'll leave her house to go to work and she'll tell me din will be ready when I return and OMG I'VE NEVER HAD ANYONE SAY THAT TO ME, NOT EVEN MY PARENTS, AND IT WAS A WONDERFUL FEELING. I'm gushing tears at the moment at the remembrance. TwT!!

She's so sweet! And adorkable! She has issues like anxiety but that's no problem really, and she can be rather blunt, but she's nice -AND SHE HAS SUCH PRETTY EYES, BLUISH GREEN KINDA- and holy hell she draws so well. o___o!!!

She has snakes. Dx  But that's oka!! ;w;!!  She promises they won't get out of their cages (except when she herself pulls them out) and she doesn't push the matter of trying to get my to hold or touch one.. ((I don't like snakes if it isn't too clear ;3;""))

Anyways, she makes me feel wanted.. She's always texting me and she asks me if I'd like to come over and haaang and eat her marvelous fooooooood in which case I'm a sucker for cuz I liiike to eaaaaat~~ hahaha

Yeah... ;3;"  I've been having a much better time lately.. xD
I like the apartment, and I like how it's my own space... But I feel so alone there. My room mate is almost never there... Menma probably feels that loneliness 10 times over because I seem to always be working... Ugh.. I need a friend.. Or.. Something.. I dunno.. :(


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I'm a sideways kinda person! :]

Find me on Skype!! :D!! jen.duke4

I liiike, loooove, adooooore yaoi; writing it, reading it, but maybe not watching it - I feel embarrassed because, well...... The sex noises. omg the sex noises are so awkward and embarrassing. xD!!

I like to read and cook, and - - S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G. Good lord I love to shop. I've just recently been kicked out of my tomboy phase (though I still refuse to wear makeup) and I've been spending so much money on shoes and clothes and - soon - I'll be buying me some lolita dresses. *^*!! MWA HAHAHAHAHAH

I'm pretty open-minded and, hopefully, I'm easy to get along with. I'm lazy, I love to procrastinate, and a lot of time there's gotta be an incentive for me to do shit. (And I curse a lot, oops hehe X3)

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