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I looked up at the night sky and sighed. There were too many lights on around this neighborhood to really see any. Light pollution, I thought with no small amount of dislike, was a mood killer. I liked to stare at stars, but if you could only see a few… Oh well. I sighed again. That wasn’t what was really on my mind, though. Next month, in only a few weeks’ time, I was going to be moving to a new city, one even further away from my parents than where I currently lived. Of course, I wasn’t moving alone – I was moving in with my brother. He found a house and bought it and offered me a place so that I could save money. He already told me how much I was going to pay as far as rent went and, let me tell you, it was dirt cheap compared to where I was currently. Rent with utilities included and then I’d have to buy my own groceries, of course, but it was all so much cheaper. That alone would help me get a new car by January, which I desperately wanted. I was tired of having to waste money on the truck. It was draining me dry, having to buy a new part every time it broke down, which was far too often.

Money, as anyone can tell, is a stress all on itself. You can never have enough of it because there is always something that needs to get done; a new tire, groceries, the dryer breaking down thus needing a new one… Or a roommate taking advantage of you and your generosity… and your wallet… All these examples drain you dry, and bring on a new level of stress when it all happens at once. And happen all at once was something I knew and knew well. This past year, my first year living out of my folks home, had been a trying one. I didn’t know what stress truly meant before now.

Yet my brother, the guy everyone knew to be a hard-ass jerk, was opening his arms for me. He was allowing me into his new place, to help me save money. To help me relieve some of the built up stress. I didn’t know how to feel. My brother and I, we’re opposites, but we’re siblings. We have different views on quite a few subjects, but we were raised equally. So living with each other, however long his patience will hold out for me, was truly going to be… an interesting one.

Interesting and, well…

“Scary…” I muttered aloud. Besides me, my character (Gary, I thought silently, deciding to finally¬ give him a name) shimmered into existence. His steps never faltered, immediately syncing to mine as we walked along the sidewalk. I had to squelch my surprise. He was here – again. Again, again, again… The surprise would never get old.

“Life is scary,” He said point blankly, looking up at the sky with quite a serious face. He then looked down at me and smiled. “You learn to run forwards with a brave face and life goes on.”

I frowned at him and shoved my hands down deep into my pockets. I wished they were the pockets of my hoodie, but it was only September in Texas. Fall hadn’t even crossed the mind of the weather yet, unfortunately. “I don’t think it’s whether I’m brave or not. This is my brother we’re talking about… I don’t know if he’s gonna hate me after all this is said and done. I’m not the easiest person to live with after all.”

Gary looked at me and coked an eyebrow. He knew exactly what I meant, but-,” after having just one roommate, a girl who took advantage of you and your kindness… That doesn’t mean you’re a horrible person to live with.” He shrugged and hooked one of his arms with my bent one, letting me keep my hand in my pocket. His hand, too, went into his pocket and we walked for a moment in thoughtful silence. The wind rustled the trees and the crickets chirped their songs around us. Then he spoke again. “Despite this, we both know it’s not just your brother you’re scared of.”

I pursed my lips and looked at him with narrowed eyes. “I’m not scared of him, per say. I just don’t want to disappoint him. Or, like… Lose his respect.”

The man nodded in understanding. “Yes. You’re right. But don’t distract me. It’s not your brother – it’s the next chapter in your life you fear the most.” He nodded wisely and looked up to the obscured view of the stars. “Your future is unknown,” he continued. “You don’t know what living with your brother will entail – you also don’t know what your next few steps will be. Will you stay with your current workplace, save up as much as possible, and then return to your hometown for this job? Or will you find a new job closer to this new place, save up your money, and venture even further away from your parents? The first would be tedious, but familiar to you and the latter would be yet another step into the unknown.”

“Both something unsavory to think about, but only one would really help me move on in life,” I muttered, looking down to watch the ground. I didn’t like the sound of either option. But if I stayed where I was at now, I’d be stuck doing the same thing over and over and over… And retail was annoying.

“You need to open your eyes and broaden your horizons, girl. Life has so much more to offer than retail,” Gary quietly said. I made a face at the ground. I still felt like a child in my body, as if I hadn’t really grown up. Me? A young woman? You lie. I was nothing but a mere girl…

I heaved a big sigh and muttered,” I’m done adulting now… It’s totally overrated.”

That made him laugh. “Totally,” he agreed.

I looked up as we turned down the next street. We had reached my parents road. Their home was the first red bricked house on the left with the huge oak tree in front. I loved this home, having lived here for the past sixteen years – not including the past year in the apartment. I was going to miss this house dearly when my parents moved. And they would. Once every one of my siblings moved out, my parents would find a new place to live. It would be their next chapter in life, their time together to make more memories. Just like how moving in with my brother would be mine. They would embrace that time. As for me…

…Ugh. Ok. Yeah, I could do this. Running down the road of life – bring it on.

Next to me, Gary snorted, but he remained silent, cheering me with no words needed. I grinned back at him as we walked up the driveway. I was still a little doubtful, but it took baby steps to get where you wanted and need to be. And I was glad he had showed up. I was grateful to the little pep talk. It was what I needed, though as short as it was. The talk… and having someone there, letting me borrow an ear. “Thank you,” I quietly said as he unhooked our arms, stopping in his tracks as I continued up to the front porch where the light shone, welcoming me home.

“Any time, every time,” was his response. I looked back at him as I rested a hand on the knob to the front door. We smiled warmly at each other and then he gave me a two-finger salute as the wind swept past us. “You need to seize the day, girl. Make it your own. The future isn’t all that scary,” he said, his words echoing in my head as the next gust helped him fade away into the darkness.

I smiled and turned to the door, twisting the metal in my hand and pushing it forwards. As I walked in, I closed my eyes and saw a brighter tomorrow. He was right. It was time to grasp hold of the unknown. My next chapter in life.
My Next Chapter
Alllllriiiight! Let's bring on the cheesiness! xDD I dunno. Don't give me those faces. 
I've been having a bad few days... The day before last,  my truck wouldn't start.. So we had a towing service move my truck to my parents house so my brother and neighbor could work on it.. That night, afetr I got off, my dad and mom came to pick me up. Well,  I hadn't even reached their car yet when I realized my dad was trying to start it... But.. it was dead. I had to call my other brother to come jump us. Their battery was no good, so we had to buy a new one... Well, Paul and Markie got my truck to start. But when Paul was trying to leave, Markie came up to us and.. his car wasn't starting. Mom said I was cursed. Jordan, guy I'm currently interested in said I was a 'daemon' and to remind him not to let me in his car. They were both only kidding... but I feel like a horrible human being now. And then when I was going back to my apartment last night,  I got on the highway and found out if I tried to go over 60 (70 is the speed limit), the engine would shake the entire truck real bad. It was scary. Shit shouldn't be happening like that at night and least of all on the HW.

Well.. Today was just as bad, if not worse.
The morning started out fine. Got up in time, got to cuddle with my two fur babies, and even made some bacon and eggs for breakfast. My shift at work was only 10-4, a 6 hour day. Which is not bad at all. I love short days like that. But I forgot that it was a Friday and I was working in the booth. At Randalls, Fridays are our most busiest days because it's the day of all our specials. As for the booth,  I'm still in the workings of being trained. And so far I dislike it. I know it'll get real easy once I have it all down and know how to take care of the customers' problems. But, gods.. Today was horrible..

A lot of customers were bitchy, despite how sunshiney it was outside. Like, normally, everyone would be happy for some warmth after some cold days. But,  no,  a lot of people were unhappy. Made things even worse due to the store being crazy busy. At  the customer service booth,  we had a line at every corner. People were standing in line for quite a while, and the longer they waited, the crabbier they got. I'm new to this, so I'm slow. Some of them didn't care, they were angry no matter what.

Then I lost the key to my till. Which is a huge deal. I had myself, my manager, the grocery manager, my assistant store directer, and then even my store directer looking for that damned key. I was so damn flustered and frustrated and stressed. How could I have lost it? I couldn't remember where I might have left it, we looked EVERY WHERE. They had to break out the extra key, but... it was a really big deal. Someone finally found it on one of the bag racks on one of the registers -- practically in plain sight. Gods, a ton was lifted off my chest. It was a huge relief.

Later that day, things were still going kind of chaotic and I kept forgetting the codes and the procedures for the back. My coworker was a bit frustrated with me. I'm slow, it sucks, I'm sorry.. Well, I don't really feel like(or think I can really) get into specifics. Point blank,  I got the tip of my finger on my dominant hand slammed in the safe door. Fucking hurt like hell. Still does. It wasted a ton of time because my assistant store director caught wind of it and he had to file an incident report. fucking sucks..

Right now,  the tip of my finger is swollen like a little ball ad a quarter of the nail is black and purple. Freakin' hurts.

Yet.. I dunno. It doesn't feel like this is really even the worse, like the worse has yet to come. ugh. Everything sucks right now..


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I'm a sideways kinda person! :]

Find me on Skype!! :D!! jen.duke4

I liiike, loooove, adooooore yaoi; writing it, reading it, but maybe not watching it - I feel embarrassed because, well...... The sex noises. omg the sex noises are so awkward and embarrassing. xD!!

I like to read and cook, and - - S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G. Good lord I love to shop. I've just recently been kicked out of my tomboy phase (though I still refuse to wear makeup) and I've been spending so much money on shoes and clothes and - soon - I'll be buying me some lolita dresses. *^*!! MWA HAHAHAHAHAH

I'm pretty open-minded and, hopefully, I'm easy to get along with. I'm lazy, I love to procrastinate, and a lot of time there's gotta be an incentive for me to do shit. (And I curse a lot, oops hehe X3)

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